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Health & Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing – the best investment you will ever make!

Whichever way you look at it, the cost of employee ill-health is extremely detrimental to your business. To show you how much – why not take a look at the numbers.

For example, based on 260 working days per year and assuming a workforce of 100 people, the cost to your business could be huge:

* 3% absence = 100 people x 8 days x £100/day = £80,000 per annum
* 5% absence = 100 people x 13 days x £100/day = £130,000 per annum

By reducing your absence levels by just 1%, you’re likely to generate savings of around £20,000. So one thing that is clear, the health and wellbeing of your employees will have a massive impact on your business.

A winning mind-set and healthy body are vital to be a successful business executive.

Working long hours, dealing with change, challenges, setbacks and extreme pressures can all take their toll on your body and performance at work. Via Vita Health will work with you and your business to design a bespoke health and wellbeing programme for your employees.

We will provide you with a tangible return on investment with our Corporate Screening, tracking absence rates and monitoring feedback at every step during the delivery of your health and wellbeing programme.

Lifestyle Drop-in sessions will give a personalised service to individual employees such as fitness and nutrition plans and optional key health indicator checks e.g. weight,  body fat, total body water, heart rate and blood pressure. Each unique service will leave your workforce physically energised, mentally focused and ready to take on work in a different way.

* Corporate Screening
* Employee Health and Wellbeing Master Class
* Exercise and Fitness Master Class
* Diet and Nutrition Master Class
* Emotional Wellbeing - Mastering your Mind-set - motivating performance
* Onsite Lifestyle drop-in sessions

Via Vita Health will wow your workforce with our additional corporate fitness challenges, short video presentations, workplace wellbeing tips, health and wellness blogs or fitness and nutrition information to keep all employees on track and engaged.

A healthier workforce makes business sense!