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HR Credit Card

We increasingly find employers taking 2 approaches to HR issues in the workplace...

Approach No. 1 is “let’s not do anything because that way we can’t get it wrong and then we won’t end up in a tribunal” or “let’s be seen to do something but we won’t actually take any decisions and that way we can’t get it wrong and then we won’t end up in a tribunal”. This approach happens much more than you would imagine and comes from the fear of not following the procedure or process properly because there have been so many changes to employment legislation in the past few years. Employers have not been able to keep up with all these changes and they don’t have a professional employed HR Manager to deal with these issues.

Approach No. 2 is “let’s run this past the solicitors/lawyers first to make sure that we aren’t doing anything wrong”. This approach will result in a definitive answer but it is rarely a cost effective way to deal with your day to day HR issues. You pay a lot of money to be told what you can and can’t do and offered little or no support or guidance to implement the advice.

Try Something Different: How would you feel if you could get all the advice on the appropriate course of action to take to deal with your HR issues effectively, and within the law, but also be given the support and guidance to implement the advice? But unlike approach no. 2 you could access this level of service in multiples of 5 minute time slots and only pay for the minutes you have needed?

Here’s How it Works: You purchase 10 hours of HR support and advice and you are then allocated 600 minutes to use as and when you need - minutes never expire either!. Perhaps you have an employee that keeps coming in late and you want to discipline them. But you’re not confident enough to deal with this correctly….and you really don’t want to get this wrong!

With your HR Credit Card you telephone me and we discuss your problem and I talk you through the process of holding a disciplinary interview. I’ll answer any questions that you have and help build up your confidence in your ability to do this professionally. I’ll even write the letter for you to invite them to a disciplinary interview if you need me to. And that bit of advice and support would typically cost you 20/30 minutes off your HR Credit Card balance. How much would your solicitor have charged?

Any HR issue is covered by your HR Credit Card and as a strategic HR Manager with over 25 years’ experience of top level human resources you can be confident that you’ll get practical and real-life solutions that will assist you to achieve your objectives. It’s up to you how you utilise the credit you have. Every month you’ll get a statement itemising what credit you have used and your remaining balance.

You can authorise other managers to have access to your support and advice contract so you’ll always know they are acting correctly. Most importantly you will be dealing with your HR issues instead of doing nothing as described in approach No. 1. And peace of mind doesn’t cost a fortune!