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Policies & Procedures

Employees need to know the rules and where the boundaries are...but you need to strike a balance between maintaining a flexible and motivated workforce whilst having clear guidelines that describe what is and isn’t acceptable. Should problems arise you’ll be surprised at just how easy it can be to deal with issues when you have a policy or procedure to refer to.

Some of these policies are a legal requirement e.g. disciplinary and grievance procedures have to meet the ACAS Code of Practice and be communicated to all staff; holiday leave and sick pay procedures are essential also, but what about some of the other issues you need rules and procedures for? Do you want the option to send an employee on garden leave? Do you need a mobility clause? How will you handle payment in lieu of notice? What happens if a new recruit doesn’t work out? Does your IT policy allow you to monitor computer usage or emails? Do you have an equal opportunities policy statement? What about your stance on bullying? And how will you deal with redundancy, retirement and recruitment?

This is what good policies and procedures set out to establish. They can consider as many as 80 or more employment situations and lay down the behaviour or procedure in those circumstances. Employees are better able to meet your standards if they know what they are. And if they fail to meet those standards then it becomes so much easier to deal with those issues when they have been clearly communicated. But small businesses often “cobble” together their policies and procedures without regard either to the relevant law or to what they are trying to achieve or prevent. At best they end up with something that doesn’t quite do what they needed it to do and with gaps in far too many places; and at worst they have a policy that is not compliant with current employment legislation…or perhaps even the law! HR Performance are experts at producing simply worded and practical policies and procedures.

Keep It Up To Date: Employment legislation is generally updated every April & October and therefore a review of your policies and procedures should be undertaken at least every 12 months to ensure legal compliance. HR Performance offer over 80 policies and procedures and are continually updating these to reflect current best practice and comply with employment legislation. All clients that have policies and procedures designed by HR Performance receive notification of changes to employment legislation and receive updated policies without charge for minor amendments.

Here’s How it Works: You supply any current policies and procedures you have and we review them to identify the gaps. We then incorporate all client specific requirements into new and legally compliant policies and procedures. We will also supplement your current set of policies and procedures with any that are missing and that should be present by law or for good practice. Once you have approved these we will then support you to issue your new policies and procedures. An average set of policies and procedures would consist of as many as 50 or so A4 pages and can easily be formatted into your house style. Because of the number of clients that we have produced policies and procedures for we know exactly how long they take to produce and can confidently provide our service at a fixed cost.