HR Resource Centre

This is a subscription based HR Support service with a very big difference!

For a small monthly subscription your business gets access to the HR Resource Centre. The HR Resource Centre is a password protected website where you can find support for every HR issue you will ever face as an employer or line manager. The HR Resource Centre is logically laid out to allow you fast access 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

Here’s How it Works - Let’s Say You Have a Disciplinary Issue? With a subscription to the HR Resource Centre you’ll access the disciplinary resource section of the website where you’ll find every resource that you need to manage the disciplinary situation you’re facing from start to finish.

This will include an explanation of the April 2009 Disciplinary & Grievance ACAS Code of Practice - written in simple and straight forward language. You’ll have access to the correct way to approach the disciplinary procedure and written guidance on how to follow it. Next you’ll be taken step by step through handling your disciplinary issue with resources covering the simplest to some of the most serious and complex issues you can face. Finally you will access every type of letter that you will need to use to manage the complete process from start to finish - simply, fairly and legally.

The letter templates have been constructed in exactly the right way to allow you to personalise them quickly. Examples of some of these letters include inviting your employee to a disciplinary hearing; suspension pending investigation; letters for no show at disciplinary hearings; letters covering the different types of disciplinary penalties as well as appeal letters plus many more! In fact, for every single stage of the disciplinary process your subscription will enable you to access the resource that your situation requires.

Log in; click on disciplinary resources; read the overviews and download the letter you need. Personalise it where indicated and you’ve got the situation covered!

Now, just imagine how useful that type of resource would be to you if you could also access support and downloads for every other type of HR issue you will face?

Examples of other type of resources available include maternity; paternity; adoption; family leave; grievances; flexible working; recruitment; references; probationary periods; sickness absence; unauthorised absence etc. With straight-forward explanations; overviews; step by step guides and every letter you will ever need the HR Resource Centre from HR Performance will become your HR bible. Your subscription gives you and any nominated line managers within your organisation unlimited access to every part of the HR Resource Centre.

In fact, here’s a guarantee: if you are a subscriber and you face an HR Issue which the HR Resource Centre does not currently have a resource for, HR Performance will assign an HR Manager to produce personally for your organisation and situation, any and all of the resources to support you for the issue you are dealing with - without additional cost!

….and all of this for £30.00 + VAT per month!