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Retained HR Manager Service

Even businesses employing just one employee have to worry about HR - almost every employment law applies to you and the fines if you get it wrong don’t get reduced just because you are a small employer!

You need to recruit professionally ensuring that the process you use does not discriminate and break the law; you’ll need contracts that as a minimum meet statutory regulations; a few policies and procedures will help establish the boundaries and give you much greater scope to manage your employees professionally and fairly - whilst ensuring that you are protecting your business from the ever increasing raft of employment legislation and responsibilities.

And of course, as all good employers know, the success of your business will be achieved through the people you employ. Therefore, you’ll need to consider appraisals and performance reviews; there will be training and development needs; whilst pay and benefits will help retain the good ones and performance management and discipline will deal with the minority who aren’t!

But how will you deal with all this without the skills of a professional - when it is clear that you don’t need a full time HR Manager at this stage?

The Retained HR Manager Service from HR Performance is your answer!

Here’s How it Works: You decide how much support your organisation needs – most clients contract for one day per month with a minimum contract of 12 days. You introduce me - a strategic HR Manager with over 25 years experience of top level human resources – to your employees as your organisations HR Manager.

As scheduled and agreed with you I come to your offices and spend the day working on your HR issues. This can be for organisational restructuring, planning of recruitment, developing appraisal systems, development of HR strategy, supporting performance management, overseeing discipline and grievances and any more of the 101 HR issues that every employer faces every day.

You can even use this retainer to support and develop a junior employee who you want to take responsibility for HR administration. I’ll be there to give guidance to your line managers, helping them to become more skilled and effective; always seeking to make them self-sufficient so you can reduce the reliance on my support for more straight-forward everyday HR issues.

In short, if it’s HR, give it to us and it will be managed to the highest standards. Your employees have access to their HR Manager to support them as agreed with you. Your line managers, senior executives and board of directors or trustees get the support of a strategic HR Manager to help you develop the business and you can relax knowing that your HR processes are being proactively managed.