Advertising services!

Many organisations are not using advertising agencies because they feel the cost is prohibitive. With the cost of regional advertising as high as it most employers are trying to reduce costs by doing as much of the leg work as possible themselves.

Yet when the advert fails because it wasn't placed in the right media; or perhaps it wasn't written to attract the very candidate they were looking for how much money has been wasted?

Advertising agencies are professionals who have expertise in knowing the right media to use and skilled copy writers that can say exactly what you need to say to attract the right applicants in the shortest amount of words. And because of their purchasing power they can often access media discounts you would never realise were there. They write, set and ensure the copy gets to the media so you can concentrate on running your business

And you can access all this for just £25.00 per black and white advert!

Recruit Performance has worked with one of the best advertising agencies available for the past 10 years and can help you access professional recruitment today!

You wouldn't pull out your own tooth to save the cost of the dentist!

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