Having made all the effort in recruiting what you believe will be the right person it is important that you don't sit back thinking all the hard work is finished!

If you have done everything right up until this point then your new employee has high expectations of the type of organisation you are and mistakes now can seriously undermine all your hard work, effort and investment in this new employee.

Ensure that the candidate you have selected receives a formal offer letter that cover the legal requirements you have under the immigration rules.

Make sure that the offer of employment is subject to receipt of references that prove satisfactory to you and that they must successfully complete an induction period (normally 3 months). Every employee must receive a contract within 2 months of commencing employment and this must contain minimum information as laid down by law.

Prepare a structured induction programme and ensure that a named person is responsible for mentoring the new recruit. The line manager must sit down at the end of week 1; week 4; week 8 and week 12 to discuss the new recruits performance and progress in these first 3 months. This allows further support to be given where required to ensure a successful induction and allows the new employee to quickly become an effective and productive team member.

If any of the above advice has caused you to ask questions of your own processes or you would like further support and advice to help new recruits to successfully complete their induction periods please Contact Us without obligation for an informal chat.