So much of our non recruitment work with clients has it's foundations in poor selection. The role of the interviewer is to decide whether the applicant has the experience; skills; knowledge; capability and disposition to perform the role being advertised and to measure the applicants suitability against as many objective criteria as possible.

However, as so many hiring decisions are made on subjective "gut feelings" is it any wonder you're unhappy with the employee 6 months after employing them?

Good selection uses application forms that help with the first stage of shortlisting. Assessment and selection centres, which can last as little as a couple of hours, utilises competency measurement through practical and/or theory assessments; structured interviews to gather objective information that can be applied consistently across all short listed applicants and psychometric assessments to measure aptitude and character suitability for the role advertised.

We have over 15 years experience at recruiting every level of employee from 1 vacancy to 120 vacancies. We have recruited the most junior employee to main board directors and every recruitment activity has utilised the most professional recruitment and selection tools.

We produce all recruitment campaigns bespoke for the client and we can recruit from as little as £200 per head.

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