Quote I really enjoyed my two day course with Jim Turner of The Performance Group. The location in Milton Keynes is easy to find with plenty of free parking. The venue itself is very comfortable and everything you need for the course is provided. Jim believes that you can only concentrate for a set period, so there are regular breaks throughout the day so your attention is always fully focused on the course. He also believes in feeding you well, so be prepared to put on a pound or two! Jim is a very good course leader and uses a mixture of teaching techniques to bring the comprehensive material to life.

The Effective Time Management course has literally changed my life. I used to feel under pressure at work with lots of tasks to be done and not enough hours in the day. After the course, I put into practice a variety of the tools which Jim went through on the course. Six months down the line, I am still using them on a daily basis and my beloved paper diary which Jim thought he’d never wean me off has also now disappeared! The most useful lesson I learned was to effectively prioritise my work, distinguishing between what is important, what is urgent and those tasks which just don’t add any value to what you do. By using a tickler system, I now know what I’m expecting to get done each day and ensure that I have everything cleared from my desk at the end of the day ready for my designated task the next morning. I always have a running list of tasks to be done, so if I do clear the ones I had planned for the day, I simply move on to the next task on the list. I find that by investing half an hour at the end of each week planning out the tasks to be completed the following week, I actually save myself a huge amount of time and feel more relaxed about my workload. My desk is also a lot tidier now than it ever was before!

The assignment work to be completed after the course was not too onerous and actually helped to cement the lessons learned from the course by making you appraise how you currently use your time and how you could bring some of the techniques from the course into your working (and personal) life and improve your productivity and feeling of achievement. The additional work to be done to attain a Distinction was again very worthwhile as it was all about how you do things and how you are going to improve what you do so consolidates everything you’ve learned on the course.

Andrea McCormick - Director, Fast Accounting Services Limited

Two Day Time Management Endorsed Qualification

Quote I would unreservedly recommend the services of The Performance Group Limited. Positive Futures North Liverpool (PFNL) is part of a social enterprise company that has been established for over 15 years. PFNL began in 2004 and inherited all the policies and procedures of the original company. With Jim Turner’s help we were able to fully overhaul the policies and procedures so that not only were they up to date, but that they encompassed & benefited both parts of  the organisation. Furthermore, so comprehensive was the work developed and produced by Jim, that it enabled our organisation to access preferred provider Q’s that we had never been able to access before. Jim was available for advice and information throughout the process. We have since used Jim’s services for a number of additional HR projects including a salary benchmarking review of our pay and conditions; development of a performance related appraisal system; and delivery of his EDI Nationally Accredited Appraisal Training for our Management Team. I would not hesitate to say that the HR services offered by The Performance Group Limited and Jim Turner have been invaluable to our project and value for money.  Quote

Clare Corran - Project Manager for Positive Futures North Liverpool

Offer Letters; Contracts of Employment; Employee Handbooks; Appraisal Documentation; Salary Benchmarking and Performance Related Pay

Quote I attended the FDAP Certificate in Supervisory Management & Leadership Techniques in November 2008. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day course, which I found interesting and stimulating, and took away numerous techniques which I plan to use in my day to day work as a Team Leader. The course was tailored to suit managers working within the drugs field and I feel that the content was very relevant to the work my agency does. My employers, EDP Drug and Alcohol Service have ensured that the course was made available to all Team Leaders, and I believe this will be the basis of their ongoing training programme, to ensure competency amongst their management team.

James is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer, his delivery was pitched perfectly for a Level 3 course, and although there was a lot of material to be covered, he ensured that there were regular breaks so that people could recharge. In my opinion, this course is ideal for people new to management and leadership, or as a refresher for those in need of a few new techniques to use with their team. Thanks James!

Laura Higgins - EDP Drug & Alcohol Services Exeter

Delivery of FDAP Certificate in Supervisory Management & Leadership Techniques - Level 3 EDI Endorsed Qualification

Quote Jim presents material in a thoroughly absorbing and often entertaining way. There is an energy in his presentation that holds your attention. He ensures all are 'on board' and then takes you through material at a pace that is comfortable for each participant. Quote

Alan Jones - Co-ordinator of Positive Futures

Delivery of training workshops for a web-based competency assessment programme

Quote James Turner, a down to earth easy to understand trainer who has brilliant technique in communicating his vast range of bespoke courses to all levels of personnel in our organisation. He works very hard to ensure the material is understood and relevant. It is our intention to use James to continue to develop our key staff. Quote

Keith Hewitt - Operations Director of Pelican Rouge Limited

Junior and middle manager development programme delivered as 1 day workshops

Quote I am writing to thank you for an outstanding course. You clearly put a great deal of effort and hard work into your preparation for our 2 day outward bound event. From the booking of hotel rooms and meals to the organisation of activities, instructors and timetables - every part of the event ran smoothly.
Our team's participation in the exciting and professionally facilitated activities really brought out the best in them. Many cannot believe that they have now personally completed abseiling, caving and amazingly, even a suspended gorge crossing.
The theory input from you on the management learning and development programme was particularly relevant, and related well to the practical and carefully constructed facilitated activities. This meant that our team had a chance to practice what they had learnt; and through the constructive feedback sessions start developing competence in the various management skills required of them in the future. I was particularly impressed by the rapport that was quickly formed between our management trainees and you, which will undoubtedly develop further as you mentor their continued development and growth.

Kevin Hart - Managing Director of McColls Convenience Stores

A year long Area Manager Academy development programme which we designed and are now managing for the 3rd successive year

Quote Jim Turner has facilitated many recruitment selection centres for our company. I have always been impressed with the detailed and innovative content which he has put together which allows us to consistently select the best people. Jim delivers the selection centre professionally, with humour, and in a manner where the candidates enjoy and learn from the experience. Through his facilitation skills we are able to get a greater insight into the individuals personality and skills which assists us to make that all important choice. Quote

Dave Thomas - General Manager of Operations for Martins the Newsagents

One day competency based recruitment assessment centre's which we designed and have now facilitated over 50 times

Quote The courses were very well written and both thorough and entertaining in their delivery. My team were kept engrossed and involved throughout and were constantly encouraged to participate and learn from their past experiences. Most importantly, the Senior Managers developed both confidence and competence in the subjects and were able to quickly utilise the skills gained which assisted greatly in developing KCI's professional HR practices. Quote

Ian Brown - Director of Field Operations of KCI

Disciplinary Skills & Appraisal Techniques Workshops

Quote The content, quality and results of these courses proved very instrumental in my building a team of first class regional management and business developers. Quote

Paul Stagg - Development Director of TM Retail

Outward Bound Team Building/Development Workshops based around Experiential Learning

Quote Partnering with Human Performance enabled the client to get the most innovative and effective blend of training components, ensuring measurable staff development and true improvement in performance. Utilising the latest proven thinking as well as effective e-learning gave the most cost effective combination. Quote

Peter Fullard - Managing Director of Fullard Learning

Project Management of a 22 course e-Learning Programme mapped to National Standards

Quote The programme that you facilitated helped tremendously in the development of the Variety Store team and has added to their armoury on which to draw. All the objectives we set out to achieve were met. Thanks! Quote

Rob Irvine – Managing Director of More Stores

2 day workshop delivering competency appraisal techniques and how to manage poor performance