About TPGL

TPGL have been working in partnership with 1000's of organisations since 2002 - supporting them to professionally and cost effectively manage their HR responsibilities and helping them to get the best from their teams through the development of knowledge, skills and competence. TPGL operates through the following brands...

Our HR brands have been providing expert HR guidance since 2002 - and we now work across more than a dozen different industry sectors providing "just in time" HR Support, Advice & Resources.

HR Performance Limited

HR Performance offers all businesses & charities (regardless of their size) the opportunity to have professional HR Resources, as well as direct access to an HR Director for all of their strategic & operational HR needs.

FootballHR Limited

FootballHR specifically focuses on providing HR Support & Advice to Professional Football Clubs and their Club Community Organisations and Regional Talent Clubs - and has HR contracts with over 40% of the English Football League.

Human Performance Limited

Human Performance develops and delivers operationally practical and easy to use Gold Standard Toolkits & Resources, Bespoke Coaching Sessions and Development Programmes.

Our exciting and engaging resources are entirely aimed at assisting Boards, Trustees, Executive Leaders, Senior Managers, Staff Teams and Volunteers to develop their skills, improve performance & quality, and to manage exceptional delivery in all key areas of their business focus - within the public, private and third sectors.

Further information about all of the above is available from our Bookcase below...

Meet the Team

Jim | CEO & Founder

Jim established the business back in 2002!

He's an HR Director with over 40 years of Board level strategic and hands-on operational HR experience - both as an HR Director and as a Chief Operating Officer - and who as worked extensively within the public, private and charity sectors. Prior to launching The Performance Group Limited in 2002, he led a large multi-disciplined HR team of a £billion UK retailer and had HR accountability for more than 1600 retail outlets and over 16,000 employees. Jim is also an Advanced Learning Facilitator with numerous teaching and training qualifications.


Cathie | Safeguarding Manager

Cathie joined the business in 2012.

She's an incredibly experienced line manager - having worked at a senior level of the Royal Bank of Scotland for more than 15 years - leading a team of 30 staff. For the past 10 years, Cathie's been working with the Local Authority's Safeguarding Team - supporting families who are at risk of having their children taken into care. Since 2012 Cathie has been using her safeguarding expertise to assist the development of our Gold Standard Safeguarding Policies, Procedures, Resources and Toolkits.

Ben | HR Operations Manager

Ben joined the business in 2020.

He's an operational leader of multi-disciplined teams - with 10 years of senior management experience behind him already, leading teams up to 100 employees. As General Manager for a group of superstores he had operational HR responsibility for his teams and was responsible for the regions training and development. Ben joined TPGL at the beginning of 2020 and over the coming 10 years will be working towards taking over the family business and continuing its success far into the future!


Our Services

TPGL - through its brands - provide the following services, products and resources...

HR Support

We are your "just in time", "go to employment experts", who will ensure that whatever the HR challenge you're dealing with - we'll be there for you. And we are no call centre outfit that gives you general and non-committal generic advice (from an HR graduate) and who then directs you to download a generic template - which you have to work out how to personalise yourself! Through either HR Performance or FootballHR you'll have a named and highly experienced HR Director at your disposal guiding you all the way - and whatever resource you need will be written for your specific circumstances.

HR Resources

Legally compliant and easy to utilise Offer Letter & Contract of Employment Templates, as well as Employee Handbooks for Permanent & Fixed Term Employees & Zero Hours Staff - all personalised for your organisation.

HR Essentials

An entire library of mini-suites of HR essential resources covering GDPR, Auto-Enrolment Pensions, HR Administration, Sickness Management, Homeworking, Performance Management and Recruitment - and which continues to grow to meet the day to day HR needs of our clients.


Our Handbooks provide all the required policies and procedures for a specific subject area and already include Safeguarding, Health & Safety, Volunteers, Contractors & NCS - with new Handbooks always in development.


Our Toolkits focus on a specific subject area and then provide an entire suite of resources to assist clients to become self sufficient in that particular area. Toolkits currently available include Trustees Good Governance, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, Safeguarding Coaching & Induction, Performance & Development Reviews and Redundancies.


Whether it be an online Q&A Teams Meeting, Bespoke Coaching Sessions, CEO Mentoring, Bitesize Video Training via our YouTube Channel or delivery of our Nationally Accredited CPD Professional Awards - Human Performance has a solution to assist you and your teams to gain knowledge & help develop skills and competence.

Further information about all of the above is available from our Bookcase below...


All of the services, products & resources detailed on this website have their own PDF Brochure - which provides a more detailed overview of what is included - on the shelves of our Online Bookcase. Please take a closer look by clicking any of the images below...

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YouTube Channel

Our newest venture is our YouTube Channel - which over the coming months will offer more detailed video introductions to our services, products & resources - as well as free, bite-sized coaching modules, covering some of the most commonly requested support areas relating to HR. Furthermore, we are aiming to offer a suite of CPD sessions from some of the most popular Management & Leadership modules from our Nationally Accredited Professional Awards. Please click the image below and consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel so that you are notified as we develop this online resource and each time we add new content...

Our Clients

We work in more than a dozen different business sectors across a diverse range of public, private and third sector organisations. Below are just a small selection of some of our current clients...

Contact Us

If you would like to find a little further information about who we are, our services, products and/or resources you can do so via a range of different channels. Please do visit any of the following for further information about The Performance Group Limited...

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We are always happy to discuss your challenges - and will even provide you with a free example of how our support and advice works - if you want to try us out. And there's absolutely no obligation to this offer either! Please feel to connect with Jim on the following contact details...

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